Ever wonder what makes you remember certain facts or events better than others? 
Or how your brain changes as you grow older? 
Can you optimize your performance and cognition through certain activities or lifestyles? 
At BrainBuddies, we're here to answer these types of questions - and many more. We're a group of students and researchers working to raise public awareness on brain function, cognitive health, and psychological wellbeing. We aim to raise awareness by giving interactive presentations and workshops to the general public, including kids, youth, families, and seniors. 

Our student members are directly involved in brain research. We base all of our information on the latest scientific knowledge and research, presented in a way everyone can understand. We're not afraid of addressing controversies and stigmas surrounding cognitive function and mental health, and getting down to the roots of each concept we cover. To satisfy the growing interest in brain health, we educate the community through engaging activities, and give students the opportunity to share what they have learned with others. 

Are you ready to explore the brain with us?